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PEO & Employer Services

A Professional Employer Organization takes the burden of compliance issues off of you AND provides your employees with benefits not normally available to small businesses. Now you can attract and keep better employees and focus more on growing your business to the next level. 
Better Medical Benefits


A PEO can give you access to great medical benefits plans not normally available for small and medium-sized businesses. PEO's aggregate your employees with others to provide major discounts. Our PEO providers also offer dental, life, vision, disability 

and more.


Administrative services include:

  • Claims Administration

  • Payroll Deductions

  • HIPPA & COBRA Administration

  • Enrollment & Communication




Retirement Benefits


Having the ability to offer benefits means you can compete with larger companies. Many PEO's offer 401(k) plans through third party adminstrators. Matching funds are optional. Services include the entire adminstration of the plan.


Payroll & Tax Adminstration


With a PEO, Payroll Processing is integrated with your other services. PEO payroll services include:

  • Fully integrated Time and Attendance system

  • PTO accrual, tracking, and reporting

  • Paperless Payroll

  • Report any payroll either on line or e-mail

  • Real Time Online Access

  • Federal, state and local tax deposits and filings

  • Much More

Workers Comp & Process Management

​A huge benefit of joining a PEO is small businesses can now get Worker's Compensation Insurance on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. No more unexpected lump sum payments and estimating. The aggregated buying power of the PEO provides group discounts. In addition, the PEO assumes all the risk and liability associated with Worker's Comp Adminstration. 


HR & Compliance Support

Most small businesses cannot afford the HR expertise in today's world of government compliance. A PEO is responsible for ensuring that you are compliant with state and federal regulations. They can assist you in providing Employee Handbooks, hiring and termination compliance, HIPPA and COBRA compliance, FMLA and DOL compliance


In addition, many PEO's can offer employee training materials and employee development plans. 


Your employees are your biggest asset and turnover can be one of your biggest costs. With a PEO you can finally get the help you need so you can focus on your business. 


Call: 678-540-8460

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